Thursday, February 5, 2015

Details on the NBA All-Star Game

This is just a reminder that there is more than just love coming to the area around Barclays Center next week. The NBA All-Star Game will shine a national spotlight on Brooklyn and our local community on Valentine's weekend as a number of the ceremonial games and the skills/slam dunk contest be at the arena (the All-Star game is at Madison Square Garden). Here are some details so that you know what to expect: 

Where:    Barclays Center and surrounding blocks: 6th Avenue curb lanes between Atlantic Avenue and Dean Street (Production Trailer Placement)

Load in is Saturday, February 7th – Thursday, February 
Friday, February 13th        Rising Stars Challenge 9-11pm
Saturday, February 14th   All-Star Saturday Night - Slam Dunk, Skills Challenge 7:30-11pm         Sunday, February 15th     NY Heroes: Bravest vs. Finest Game (12:30), NBA D-League All-Star Game (2-5pm) 
Load out is Monday, February 16th 

·         All residents and businesses will have unrestricted access in and out of their homes and buildings.
·         No major production work or external light and sound will take place in the overnight hours.
·         There will be limited parking restrictions, or changes to daily parking for the neighborhood.
·         Beginning 12:01am on Saturday, February 7th until 11:59pm on Monday, February 16th, vehicular traffic on 6th Avenue between Pacific Street and Dean Street will be north bound only.
·         Emergency vehicle traffic lanes will be preserved at all times – however, for security and quality control, temporary detours and traffic “freezes” are to be expected for both vehicles and pedestrians.
·         There will be a significant police presence in the area to assist with event management – as needed, security checks and crowd control measures will be introduced and directed by the NYPD.
·         While the NBA is heavily promoting the use of public transportation, there will be a significant number of vehicles servicing arena guests and event staff both Friday and Saturday nights. These vehicles will arrive on the arena block for guest drop-off, stage at an off-site parking lot and return to the arena as part of a highly-controlled/scheduled pick-up program at the end of the event. In total, we expected approximately 100 coach buses & 200 for-hire vehicles under the direction of NBA traffic management.
·         There will be additional deployments of both Barclays Center Pedestrian Traffic Managers and NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents (TEAs) to assist with event night traffic management.
·         In addition to trailers and production vehicles, several generators are required to ensure live television broadcast integrity. The generators are noise-attenuated, EPA Tier 4-compliant (lowest-emissions, highest-rated) and located within the 6th Avenue broadcast compound from Saturday - Monday Monday 2/16.
·         Starting at 6pm Friday and Saturday nights and 12pm Sunday afternoon, Barclays Center is prepared to welcome approximately 15,000 guests, many of whom carry a high-profile and are directly involved in the production and ancillary events throughout New York City.
·         The NBA coordinates with all media outlets, as the production is wholly owned and controlled inside the building. There will be a very large media check-in program on event nights.


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