Monday, December 22, 2014

Celebrating 19 with Tabeel

This December, Tabeel threw a party celebrating her 19 years on 5th Avenue. In true Tabeel style she brought her customers, friends and community together to celebrate with drinks and food, but it was also an opportunity to discuss the changes in the community over the past 19 years and what's to come.
Tabeel organizing trips overseas for her customers

Go into Tabeel's store, located in the north end of the Business Improvement District (BID), you won't just see a beautiful array of jewelry, candles and gifts, but
a group of customers in the salon. It's an inviting place where customers all chat with each other and there is an air of family and warmth. There is always time to talk with customers and friends even though the store and salon always seem to be bustling with life and energy.

Fashion Show at the North Summer Strolls
Tabeel originally had a spa in the basement and a salon in the back. Someone else was going to run the gift store, but that didn't happen so she took up the challenge and well, 19 years later you can see for yourself, she is a success and loved in our community. She does it all!

I have been into Tabeel many times and knew she was an adventurous traveller, but just found out that she takes many of her customers on trips all over the world. They have been to India, Ethopia and Nepal. The next trip is planned for Vietnam.

Salon Talents

Fashion Show at North Slope Summer Strolls
Tabeel and her team have been an immense support to the BID. This past August she ran the Fashion Show at the North Summer Strolls (showcasing her own clothes which can be purchased on her website), she has a huge box in her store collecting Toys for Tots and donated cookies for this year's Holiday Tree Lighting and Small Business Saturday celebrations, amongst many other community events.

We thank Tabeel and wish her another 19 years on #theother5th. Here is a short video that we did for Tabeel last Festive season showcasing some of her gifts in store. You can also go online and purchase clothes and gifts and book an appointment for her salon.

Tabeel's Aromatherapy Gifts and Salon
76 5th Avenue between St Mark's and
Warren St, Park Slope.

Joanna Tallantire
Shop Local

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