Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scaredy Kat to Close in July

If you haven't heard already, this week Damond and Nora from Scaredy Kat announced that their gift shop (a Fifth Avenue institution) will be closing at the end of July. Here's their official statement:

To All Our Fabulous Customers And Friends On 5th Avenue,

When we opened in July 1999, we couldn't have imagined in our wildest dreams how SCAREDY KAT would grow as a business and all of 5th Avenue would grow into such an exciting destination! What changes we've all seen through the years!

After a fantastic 14 years, we would like to announce that we're loading up our wagon train and heading down to Asheville, NC. We are very sad to be leaving Park Slope and all our wonderful friends and customers, but also excited for the new adventures that await us. We are eternally grateful for all of our SCAREDY KAT memories and will miss all of the folks we have come to know throughout the seasons.

Which brings us to say… we are pleased to announce that ANNIE'S BLUE RIBBON GENERAL STORE will be opening in late August right here! She has been gracing Boreum Hill with her wondrous delights for the last 6 years and we are sure she will delight you as well.

We can't say “thank you” enough to everyone who has supported us over the years. We have always been touched by the kindness of the Park Slope community and of our many visitors. We know that we would not be here without you.

We will be supplying you with fun goods from now until near the end of July. After that, please come on down to Asheville and visit us at WHIST, our new retail venture!

While we are truly sad to see Nora and Damond leave Fifth Avenue, we are happy that their departure is part of a new life adventure of their choosing. Plus, they have a great new tenant, Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store, coming to their space. So, in a way, while this is a great loss for Fifth Avenue, it's also a bit of a win-win.

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