Friday, July 8, 2011

Recent Changes Along Fifth

Yesterday was not a good day to be walking outside. Reminder: do not go on long walks when there is an ozone alert.

Still, we powered through and here is what we found along the BID (Fifth between Dean and 18th Street):

  • 487 Fifth Avenue is now Vivi Nail Salon

  • Madison Rose has closed its Fifth Avenue location.

  • Blueprint Cocktail Bar (194 Fifth Avenue) looks about ready to open, although according to Here's Park Slope, it has been been close to opening for a couple of months.

  • Fresh on Fifth (488 Fifth Avenue) has posted a "Going out of Business" sign.

  • NG Designer Shoes (586 Fifth Avenue) is closed and vacant.

Overall, there was less change on the avenue this time than we usually see on our monthly stroll. However, we did notice at least 5 storefronts that appear to be under renovation, so the August update could be very interesting.

Photo: New "temporary" benches installed by the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID along the construction fence at The Old Stone House/Washington Park.

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  1. Make sure those new benches are securely attached.