Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recent Changes Along Fifth

More changes on the Avenue and along the side streets this month. Here are the highlights from yesterday's walk:


Prophesies Gallery: 665 President Street near Fifth Avenue. This is a new, boutique-style storefront gallery with paintings, photos and more. New featured artists and events every month. (see photo above)

Pony: a new women's clothing store appears to have moved into the space occupied by Ashaveza (69 Fifth Avenue). We'll have to do some more investigating when they are open.

Virgin Mobile: has replaced Clear at 84 Fifth Avenue.

Avon: As we mentioned last week, Avon opened a recruitment center at 479 Fifth Avenue.


Lisa Lobue Hair Salon: While the 512 Fifth Avenue storefront recently closed, they have opened in another location called "Lisa Lobue Studio" at 268 14th Street, near Fifth Avenue.

Harry Bolands: closed down by the Department of Health at the beginning of the month and now "For Sale." More here.

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