Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recent Changes Along Fifth

We usually do our "Recent Changes Along Fifth" feature once a month. However, we had been hearing about a lot negative changes taking place along the avenue this week and we just had to get out and take a closer look.


Well, actually, we didn't see a lot of new places opening, although a new discount home and decor store called The Bargain Stop 2 has moved in at 458 Fifth Avenue. Also, the new Tattoo and Beauty Salon has finally opened at 467 Fifth Avenue (Yelp calls it Rachel's Tattoo and Beauty Salon.)

We did notice some sort of changes taking place at 517 Fifth Avenue (at 13th Street). This newer building has had a vacant commercial space since it opened but finally, the windows are papered over and some sort of activity is taking place inside. Anyone know what's going on?

Also, there is a lot of action on both sides of the former Long Tan space (194 Fifth Avenue). It will be interesting to see what opens there.

By the way, the new coffee place at 186 Fifth Avenue still has no name. We'll keep checking back. Perhaps we should propose a naming contest?


Well, we know the economy is tough and the weather has not been helpful, but the losses that we found yesterday along the avenue were particularly depressing. We hope that the President's new focus on jobs makes a difference in 2011.

We were sad to see a "closed" sign on the gate of Little Buddy Biscuit Company. We really love their cookies and cakes and hope that they find a way to sell their goods without a storefront. You can follow them on Facebook and at

Somehow, after just a few months on Fifth Avenue, Platinum Couture is gone.

We had heard about the closing of Willie's Dawgs but we were shocked to see a "Going out of Business" sign in the window at Under the Pig. That is a big loss for Fifth Avenue.

Finally, Gemini Treasury (169 Fifth Avenue) closed and was being emptied yesterday.


Photo above: a great recession special at the Chip Shop

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  1. You do realize that Here's Park Slope reported on all this stuff a long time ago?