Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freddy's on Fifth

Back in February of 2010, we wrote about Ellis Bar's Penny for a Pint Friday Night Special and longed for some free time and a fist full of coins. Weeks later, we received word that Ellis had closed its doors for good. Maybe the pints were a little underpriced?

Anyway, good news, bar fans. Yesterday, Brownstoner reported that the now empty Ellis Bar space will soon be occupied by the famous Freddy's Bar & Backroom. Yes, the bar that lead the fight against the Atlantic Yards has been homeless for several months now but it looks like it finally found the right space, at the right price, right on Fifth Avenue.

This is certainly going to be interesting. For more on this interesting turn of events, read Brownstoner's post here.

Photo via Brownstoner

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