Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hipster Demolition Night

Are you tired of ironic mustaches, electronica, skinny jeans and bicycles with only one gear and no brakes? Then you might want to run down to Fifth Avenue's Southpaw tomorrow night (May 27th) to check out "Hipster Demolition Night".

Greenpoint musician Jay Banerjee (an anti-hipster) has assembled a good lineup of straight-up garage rock acts that are more interested in music than looking cool. The line-up includes The Paul Collins Beat, The Above, Jay Banerjee & The Heartthrobs and The Split Signals (feat. Jonny Chan).

Sounds like a good show! Actually, we kind-of like hipsters and hipster music. However, we were wondering whether the show will actually be well-attended by hipsters just, you know, to be ironic!

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