Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Store Closure

Found this sign last week at Matter. Here's to better days ahead:

Dear Friends of Matter,

After six years here we have decided to close up shop in Park Slope to focus more of our energy on developing the Matter Made collection. Our Manhattan location will remain open and there are future plans for an expansion to include many of the great products you've come to love from our store.

Our entire Brooklyn inventory is now on sale for 15 - 90% off. Check back often as discounts will increase leading up to our closing at the end of March.

There are no words to express the deep gratitude we have for your loyalty and patronage over the years.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Manhattan.



  1. Matter's customer service was atrocious.

  2. We always know when one of our posts have been linked to by Brownstoner because they are always negative.

  3. I'm sorry to see any store close. But it's not all that surprising that Matter, with its high price-points (for admittedly nice wares), was unable to make it in this economy.

    I always found the staff courteous and welcoming without being pushy, for what it's worth.

  4. Though often expensive, the items in Matter were well-selected, beautiful and often clever. I always found the employees to be some of the nicest in the neighborhood. This will be a loss for 5th Ave.