Monday, June 15, 2009

Willie's Dawgs Gets Park Smart-Cards

How many of you have had to leave the table at your favorite restaurant on Fifth Avenue while enjoying a meal with your family and friends to feed the parking meters? It has happened to us all, and with the new Park Smart meters introduced by the Department of Transportation along Fifth and Seventh Avenues, you probably have found that you were rummaging through your pockets or pleading with forlorn looking retailers for quarters ever more frequently. Well, say No to the change, and welcome the new Park Smart Cards, acceptable at all Park Smart meters. These cards, prevalued at $10, allow you park without worry of getting a ticket if you run over the allotted time and don't have enough change. Currently, you can purchase the cards from the MTA at subway vestibules or from many newsstands, but now you can pick up your card at Willie's Dawgs with your delicious hot dog. Tom is a real sweetheart and will take care of your lunch and parking needs all-in-one! Look for the park smart decal on the door and don't forget to ask for a card.

Willie's Dawgs
351 5th Avenue
(Between 4th and 5th Streets)
(718) 832-2941

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